Santa Clarita wood floor flood

santa clarita wood floor flood

A beautiful home in Santa Clarita, California, had in improperly installed toilet that caused a devastating clear water leak. This leak affected the high-quality wood floors and sub-floor of the upstairs bathroom. In addition, it ruined the ceiling, walls, crown molding and carpet of the dining room on the first floor. The crown molding had to be color-matched and completely replaced.

Santa Clarita wood floor floodThe homeowner called on CBC Cleaning and Restoration and their certified technicians. The clean up and restoration began with the dry-down process. Large air movers and dehumidifiers were placed around the area to remove moisture throughout the structure and surfaces on both levels.

The beautiful floors had to be treated carefully and quickly so they would not ultimately warp and distort. Great care was taken in an effort to save this home’s high-quality wood flooring and avoid costly repairs and disruption.

As expected, the wood swelled and several boards were removed to provide better ventilation of the sub-floor and to relieve the stress they caused. Throughout the drying process, CBC’s wood floor specialist utilized an electronic moisture meter to make sure the floor was correctly dried and therefore salvageable, rather than need replacement. Once this determination was made, the insurance company was able to make an informed decision about the restoration work. It is especially important to hire a professional restoration company such as CBC, who is experienced in working with your insurance company throughout the restoration process.

Water damage to wood floors can be minimized if the floor has been quickly and completely dried while monitoring the humidity and temperature of the structure. Black water is always a concern with a toilet leak but in this particular case it was from a water pipe source and considered “clear.” Therefore, CBC was able to take the necessary steps to dry and restore the flooring and other surfaces to a safe and pre-loss state.

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