5 Tools Everyone In The Carpet Cleaning Industry Should Be Using

While there are several carpet cleaning options out there, hot water extraction, truck-mounted systems are by far the most thorough carpet cleaners available. Most carpet manufacturers advise using hot water extraction as the best cleaning method for their product. Not to be confused with steam cleaning, hot water extraction removes stains and soil more effectively and, unlike steam-cleaning, rinses away the detergent residue. (Leaving the residue will just attract more dirt.) Truck- mounted systems do the job faster than portable systems, and carpets cleaned with hot water extraction dry quicker and don’t require fans on them.

As with any profession, specialized tools help carpet cleaning technicians tackle the job effectively.

1. An extractor allows truck-mounted systems to handle even the grimiest, dirtiest carpeting. The powerful vacuum motor enables incredible water recovery potential. These machines can boast up to 60 horsepower.

2. Specialized equipment, such as streamlined, short-handled stair tools, help technicians to efficiently clean hard-to-reach areas, offering optimal results for the customer. Additional tools include upholstery attachments for cleaning sofas, dining room chairs, recliners, and other soft furniture.

3. Huge fresh-water and waste-water tanks on the truck provide plenty of fresh water for the job and adequate storage for hauling away the waste water. None of the dirty water goes in your plumbing system.

4. A heat exchanger provides the hot water that is key to getting carpets as clean as possible.

5. Solution hoses and vacuum hoses pump high pressure water and chemicals to the cleaning wand and pull dirty water out to the storage tank on the truck. The ability to pump water in and out via hose makes the job far quicker than having to manually dump the dirtied water, and it is certainly better not to have the water dumped down your drain. Also, the use of hoses removes the possibility of the water accidentally being spilled in your home or business.

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