Carpet Revival – A Great Alternative To Buying New!

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Does your carpet have waves throughout, red or yellow spots, dog or cat torn areas or pet urine mistakes? Carpeting in this condition is an on-going reminder (not to mention eye sore) that it’s time to take some “home-care” action. You undoubtedly have considered investing in new carpet as a solution to your problem, however, investing thousands of dollars isn’t necessarily practical for the majority of homeowners. You may have already pronounced your carpet dead and lifeless but (depending upon the condition of your carpet) professional carpet cleaning, stain removal, deodorization, carpet re-stretching and re-seaming, bonded inserts and specialty spot dyeing are all potential answers to your carpet woes. The question is, “Can my carpets be saved?” The answer is best provided by an IICRC certified professional. An in-home estimate provided at no charge can be arranged to determine what actions are best in order to improve the appearance of your carpet. More often than not, a carpet can be repaired and/or professionally cleaned to look fantastic at a fraction of the cost.

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