Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning?

diy carpet cleaning

DIY is awesome for sooooo many things—slapping together palette furniture, decorating throw pillows, or installing shelving in your garage, for instance. There’s only so much damage you can do there, right? And hey! You might actually wind up with something useful and cool.

But carpet cleaning? True, there’s no end to the DIY promises on the internet when it comes to removing everything from red Kool-Aid to paint stains. When you think about the cost of carpeting, though, does it really make sense to trust your floor covering to some weird cocktail of salt, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, Dawn, and baking soda that the crazy cat lady on YouTube promised would remove pet stains? Did you count the number of cats lurking in the background?

Save yourself the repetitive process of spraying, blotting, and cursing—not to mention the reams of paper towels. By all means, keep hammering away on the cast off palettes, but leave the carpet cleaning to a professional.

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