The Granite Cleaning Malibu Deserves: Tips and Available Services 

Granite Cleaning Malibu

Does it feel like your granite has lost some of its luster? When you look at your granite do you see stains or other blemishes? We can help. For some time now, we’ve provided the caliber of granite cleaning Malibu and the surrounding area deserve. Our trained, experienced professionals know how to make your granite look exactly how you want it to. 

As formidable as granite can be, it isn’t impervious to the passage of time and potential damage. Our experts at CBC Cleaning and Construction, we can treat your granite as it should be treated. Our experts have the right tools and training to restore it to its former glory.

We can do so in a variety of ways. When we see your granite, we’ll let you know exactly what we can do for your granite as well as when we’ll do it and how much it will cost. 

Granite Deep Cleaning 

The cleaning needs of granite vary based on surface conditions and the type of contaminants present. Periodic professional deep cleaning using stone-safe solutions is key to keeping your granite surfaces in top condition. 

Instead of trying to wash it yourself with soap and water (and thus leaving streaks and worse), we can clean your granite as it should be cleaned. Additionally, we’ll provide you with guidance on proper methods and care products for regular maintenance between professional cleanings.

Returning Your Granite to How It Should Be 

Are your granite tiles uneven, posing both a potential trip hazard as well as an aesthetic eyesore? A seamless appearance with more even grout lines makes for easier maintenance. Using state-of-the-art grinding technology, we can grind away excess stone in a process known as “lippage removal.” This results in a flat, level surface, and once achieved, we offer the finish of your choice.

Polishing and Honing Your Granite to Its Best, Most Lustrous Shine 

Despite its inherent hardness, granite isn’t impervious to wear and tear. Dullness, scratches, and etching can tarnish its breathtaking beauty over time. 

That said, replacement is not, by any means, the only solution. Before considering granite replacement due to chips, cracks, or other damage, explore our expert repair services. We can fill holes, fix cracks and chips, blend repairs seamlessly, and then hone and polish your granite surface for a uniform finish.

We specialize in honing granite surfaces to eliminate imperfections, resulting in a pristine surface free from damage. Our skilled technicians can then craft a warm, inviting matte finish or a stunning glass-like polish, restoring your granite to its original elegance – or better.

Additionally, we excel at removing discolorations and stains from granite. Whether you prefer do-it-yourself stain removal guidance or opt for our professional services, the original color of your granite can likely be restored with our specialized techniques.

Though rare, there are instances where granite tile replacement becomes necessary. Our experts can often remove and replace affected tiles without damaging neighboring ones, ensuring a cohesive finish.

Granite Sealing for Continued Excellence 

Once your granite surfaces are restored and cleaned, sealing is highly recommended to enhance stain resistance. Despite its hardness, granite remains porous. Left unsealed, it risks absorbing staining agents, potentially discoloring your beautiful stone. Sealing is a cost-effective preventive measure to safeguard against staining damage.

For enduring elegance, we offer regularly scheduled maintenance services, ensuring your granite floors and surfaces consistently look their best.

Granite Cleaning in Malibu and Beyond 

We know how important your granite is to you. Before we leave, we can provide you with tips about steps you can take to help it to look better for longer. This can include using microfiber cloths and an appropriate (as well as specified) granite cleaner. 

Granite’s exceptional hardness, surpassed only by diamond, makes it heat, scratch, and stain resistant. Its enduring color and texture, coupled with proper maintenance, render it an exceptional choice for both commercial and residential surfaces. Granite stands as the superior option for countertops and floors, a testament to its permanence and aesthetic appeal.

Of course, granite is just one of the kinds of stone that we can clean and restore. For example, we can also clean and restore travertine, marble, and more. 

To get a quote, reach out to us through our site or call. 


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