The Ordeal of Fire Restoration

fire ba

So much heartbreak accompanies wildfires. Property owners who come through with their homes and businesses intact count themselves blessed…until they face the mountainous task of dealing with the fallout of ash and soot. Not many people watching a fire on television realize the damage done to structures spared by fires burning nearby.

Fire restoration is an ordeal. From the roof and gutters, all throughout the structure, and back out on to the lawn and landscaping, an enormous amount of effort is required to clean up and make a structure safely habitable again. Did you ever imagine yourself on your roof with a Shop Vac? Smoke particles embed themselves in every porous surface, leave ugly yellow stains, and create a smell that will never go away on its own. Everything must be cleaned, even walls. Soot must be removed before anything can be effectively deodorized.

The more intense the fire and the longer the exposure to dense smoke, the deeper the odor penetrates. Every piece of furniture, fabric, and bedding must be deep cleaned. Getting the smell out of carpeting is extremely difficult and is best tackled by steam cleaning, preferably using a professional cleaner. There is no substitute for a professional’s experience in handling smoke damaged flooring.

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