Why is Grout Cleaning so Difficult?

Grout Cleaning

Your home is your castle. Far more than where you simply lay your head at night, your home is likely a great source of pride. If you happen to enjoy entertaining or having guests, it is highly likely that you cherish the overall clean presentation of your house. With that said, it can take a lot of upkeep to keep a home clean. Of course, you can reasonably handle vacuuming your carpets, mopping and scrubbing your floors, and dusting the various surfaces throughout your home. Still, there are probably certain chores that you dread doing because, to be frank, they are difficult to do effectively. One such common task is Grout Cleaning. While those little white lines between your tiles may not seem like much, when they are dirty, they can really distract from the pristine visage of your tile work. Try as you may to really get in there and wipe them clean with store-bought cleaning solutions, it can be frustrating when you fail to return your grout to its original glowing white. So, why exactly is it so difficult to clean grout, and why should you consider working with a professional service?

It can be helpful to understand what grout is. As a bonding substance, grout holds your tile in place to maintain its symmetrical appearance. There are also different types of grout, and certain types are more grainy than others, while grout in other areas can be a bit smoother. The more porous variety can be very hard to clean because dirt can nestle itself into very small crevices, making it difficult to thoroughly extract. One way you can attempt to tackle this on your own is by getting in there with an old toothbrush and a baking soda solution. In truth, though, that will not work every time, and it may save you a headache to consult with a professional service such as ours at CBC Cleaning and Restoration. Read on to learn more about how we can help you.

What Does a Professional Grout Cleaning Service Do?

When a professional cleaning service comes to your home to work on your tile grout, there is a general process they will follow. First, they will make an assessment of what exactly needs to be done and identify a working area. Next, they will thoroughly clean the exterior of the area and remove any excess dirt or debris. The next step will depend a bit on the type of grout you have, as well as how dirty it is. They may apply a strong chemical solution, allow it to sit, and then use small, specialized brushes to scrub your grout clean. There are also mechanical scrubbers, which can be very effective. In some cases, a steam cleaning method can also pull dirt out of stubborn crevices, making it easier to fully remove.

Grout Cleaning
Let Us Help You Restore Your Grout

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