Area Rug Care

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Most people clean their carpets and tile/grout regularly, but forget about the beautiful area rug underneath the dining room table! It is important to hire a professional for periodic cleanings because only they have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly clean your rugs without damaging the fibers and/or fringe. Be careful not to make the mistake of trying to spot clean area rugs yourself as this may do more damage than good. Valuable area rugs should be cleaned by a professional company with experience; training; state-of-the-art equipment; and the necessary insurances, so that your rug receives the best of care while eliminating the possibility of mistakes during the cleaning process which can damage the rug and deteriorate its value. Most professional companies will clean your area rugs in your home, however, very few offer premium in-plant cleaning and this can be very beneficial if your area rugs are in need of restorative services or special attention. Regardless of the state of your area rugs, you will be amazed at the transformation a thorough professional cleaning can create.

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