“Wet” vs. “Dry” Carpet Cleaning… The Dirty Truth

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Which Method of Cleaning Would You Prefer to Clean and Santize Your Carpets?
Many Carpet Cleaning companies that use the dry-cleaning method often resort to using “scare tactics” by telling you that cleaning with water will damage your carpets or cause mold but that is not true! In fact, major fiber manufacturers such as Shaw Floors and Mohawk Flooring require that homeowners show proof of periodic cleaning by hot water extraction by a professional cleaning service with certified technicians to maintain their warranties. If Carpet Manufacturers require this method to maintain their 15 year warranties, it obviously doesn’t shorten the life of carpet or create an unhealthy environment!

Research indicates that the hot water extraction system provides the best capability for cleaning. This cleaning system targets the soils that result from cooking vapors, air pollution, contaminants, bacteria, and tracked-in dirt and particles. By washing and rinsing your carpet with hot water, your carpet is cleaned completely- in the same way that a person who showers or washes their hair and then rinses off the dirt and soap will be much cleaner than a person who sprinkles baby powder on their body or hair and then uses a “dust buster” to vacuum the dirt off.

The main benefit to hot water extraction cleaning is the FLUSHING action of the water moving through the fibers. This system works well because it utilizes three mechanical advantages to make cleaning fast and efficient. 1) The truck generates 180-220 degree heat (which aids tremendously in soil removal and sanitization), 2) EPA approved cleaning solutions are simultaneously fed from the machine at a precise rate, 3) the powerful extraction system rinses with treated, softened water and then uses high-velocity suction to draw the dirt and water out of the carpet. When used in conjunction with the RX-20 Rotary Extraction unit (five simultaneously spinning heads that lift, separate and further extract) – there is NO better method for cleaning your carpets- guaranteed!

The IICRC is a certification and standard-setting non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries and they state on their website that hot water extraction is the best method for suspending and lifting fine dirt particles from your carpet and improving indoor air quality. So, ultimately if your carpet has been cleaned by an IICRC certified technician using truck-mounted hot water extraction you can expect the following:

Clean, sanitized carpets with no soil attracting residue left behind
Carpets that dry within 4 to 8 hrs of cleaning – NO chance of mold or mildew developing!
State of the art cleaning methodology recommended by major carpet manufacturers for maintaining their warranties
The extraction of dust mites, pet dander, bio-contaminants, and other harmful microorganisms for a safer, healthier environment- Would you really want to use a dry cleaning method to remove blood, feces, urine or vomit?
Satisfaction guaranteed- if a spot can’t be removed using hot water extraction and the correct cleaning/spotting solutions- it can’t be removed!
On a final note, Shaw Industries (the world’s biggest carpet manufacturer) recently did testing on professional cleaning systems and determined that the amount of soil removed from a carpet is directly proportional to the amount or volume of water used to RINSE the carpet after cleaning solutions were applied!

A quick point about water conservation- the average 10 minute shower uses 40 gallons of water with a regular shower head and 22 gallons using a California required “lo-flo” shower head. When cleaning carpets using the hot water extraction method, approximately 40-55 gallons are used for the average home with 750 sq ft of carpet. This is equivalent to less than 2-3 showers!! Not bad for producing a clean, healthy environment once a year!

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