Avoid water heater leaks with inspection

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While visiting my mother in Santa Clarita Valley, she said she had no hot water. I opened the small water heater closet and immediately felt moisture in the air. The water was leaking and there was standing water. It looked like it had been there a while and mold was growing behind on the wall. I immediately called CBC Cleaning and Restoration. They came within an hour to fix mother’s problem.

Water damage you know about in your home isn’t nearly as bad as water damage you don’t know about. You can remove the obvious when you see it, then take preventative action against long-term damage. When you can’t see it and it has gone undetected for weeks, and sometimes months, the permanent damage may already be done making repair costs, cleaning and restoration dramatically more expensive.

Leaking water heaterPrevention is the best approach. Water disasters can occur for a number of reasons such as flooding, overflowing of sinks or tubs, pipe leaks, water back-up, toilets and sewer systems malfunctioning. Most of these problems are visible, and they are the greatest culprits for hidden water damage. This is where prevention comes into play. Being proactive with inspecting areas of your home on a regular basis can detect the signs of unwanted water, locate the problem’s source and allow quick shut-off and repairs of the issue before it becomes a disaster..

Reading your water meter is a good way to detect a water issue. If you have a base reading you will notice when any changes or increases occur that cannot be explained and might be due to leaks. This procedure could save you a high water bill. If a leak is suspected it is best to bring in a water leak detection specialist. Finding the leak before you find the symptoms will avoid disasters and save money.

Laminate and wood floors will always give you an indication if there is water damage, as there will be staining, warping or softening of the surface. In addition, kitchen appliances can also leak affecting flooring, even drywall around the area. Upstairs leaks can be damaging to the first floor ceiling so any stains on the ceiling can alert you to second story unwanted water.

Every window frame or door should also be checked for softening and stains. Broken seals can allow condensation and water to seep in, which can create a slowly developing problem. Repairing these broken seals with silicone now, can deter mold removal later.

These are just a few ways to stay ahead of a homeowner’s potential water problems. As in this case, had the water heater been inspected, this hot water heater leak may have been detected earlier to avoid damage, clean-up and repairs.

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