Canyon Country water damage

A homeowner in Canyon Country, California, called the CBC Cleaning and Restoration offices to report a water damage in their home. Upon inspection, our certified technicians discovered a leak in the dryer supply line. The dryer had a steam feature that needed water to produce the steam. The supply line had corroded undetected causing a water damage one evening while the residents slept. Over 2400 square feet of this pristine property was damaged.

CBC quickly dried out the structure and contents, working in conjunction with the insurance adjuster. Because the water was stopped and the home was dried out in a timely manner, damage was repaired and the property restored effectively to its prior pristine condition. The homeowners were extremely pleased with the professionalism and expertise of the CBC cleaning and restoration team

Whenever a water disaster strikes, there are steps to take to gain control of the situation:

1) Call CBC Cleaning and Restoration’s 24 Hour Emergency line at 661-294-2221, or click the emergency button on the homepage of CBC’s website, or the CBC emergency bookmark App if you have already downloaded the app on your cell phone! (To get the App, go to: and follow the prompt)

2) Make sure the electricity breakers are shut off to all affected rooms.

3) Assess potential hazards before walking into the areas either on the ground floor or upstairs. Is there a slippery floor? Is the ceiling sagging? Is the light fixture filled with water? Take extreme care.

4) Make an effort to determine the cause of the leak. Shut the water off to the entire home if the culprit is a leaking pipe (the shut-off is usually located where the water pipe enters your home).

5) If the flood water is sewage, leave immediately until professional help arrives. A contaminated flood can be a great hazard to you and your family’s health. If anyone in the home has health problems- especially immune issues- take them from the house and do not return until decontamination is completed.|

6) For water that is very shallow, place plastic wrap or foil under furniture legs. In doing this, you will not only protect the furniture but also keep the carpet from getting stained by the furniture feet, which can permanently damage the carpet.

7) Remove any valuables that could get broken in the water damaged areas. In addition, pickup and remove small items on the floor and in the closets so CBC can have access to the entire surface..

The CBC Cleaning and Restoration staff is trained in all areas of water remediation, disaster restoration and certified mold removal. When water damage strikes, we will help get your life back to normal by taking the appropriate actions to ensure the safety of your family, home and/or business. We perform 24 hour emergency water damage service, as well as onsite mold evaluations to create a detailed plan of action for your peace-of-mind.

For quick response, click the 24-Hour service button located at the top of our website page. Also, for your convenience, get our bookmark App by going to from your cell phone or other electronic device. Bookmark the page and you will get our CBC App on your phone which will connect you directly to the services you need, when you need them.

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