Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning: When Should You Deep Clean? Reasons it’s Necessary

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning

Are you thinking about Los Angeles carpet cleaning but aren’t sure when the ideal time to do so is? In the following article, we will provide some pointers for you to determine whether or not your carpets need a more in-depth cleaning. Carpet cleaning is essential to proper house upkeep, but it’s also one of the most often neglected responsibilities. It is common practice for households to wait until their carpets become noticeably soiled before cleaning them; however, this is not the most effective method for preserving the beauty of your carpet or extending its longevity. Springtime is an excellent time to give your house a thorough cleaning on all levels, including the carpets. Although hiring a professional carpet cleaner can seem like a luxury, there are several important reasons why it is truly a must for homes in Los Angeles. Continue reading if you want to find out more.

Dust Mites

It may come as a surprise, but dust mites are one of the most widespread allergies in the world and may be found almost everywhere people live. Due to its preference for dead skin cells and pets, anyone with a pet is more likely to develop a dust mite infestation over time. One square meter of carpet might have ten times as many dust mites as outdoor air. As a result, Los Angeles carpet cleaning is no longer a luxury or a matter of personal preference; it’s a need. People with preexisting respiratory conditions are more vulnerable to the effects that dust mites may cause (including asthma and allergies). If you or a family member suffers from breathing or lung health difficulties, it is essential to clean the carpets often to lessen their exposure to these microscopic arthropods.


It’s understandable to want to have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year, with all the filth and dust that may accumulate over time. Unfortunately, allergens may hide in carpets even if you have a spotless house. After dust mites have multiplied, they may hide in your flooring without your knowledge; this is particularly true if you also have to deal with pet dander or dust-trapping carpets in your home. Carpets collect more than just dirt and trash; their fibers also draw in allergen-causing particles from the air, such as pollen and the previously mentioned dander. 

The good news is that a single professional carpet cleaning session may significantly reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. Even while an industrial vacuum with a HEPA filter may help capture allergens in the carpet before they can reach your nose, keeping carpets clean and smelling good takes more than simply a weekly or monthly cleaning. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, may assist in getting rid of embedded dirt and stains, allowing you to breathe easily once more.

Eliminate Germs through Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning

When most people think of “deep cleaning,” they picture scrubbing everything from ceiling fans to baseboards, but not carpets. You should still deep clean your carpets at least once a year, even if you don’t do it very often. Dirt, stains, and pet dander accumulate over time and sometimes result in grime that may be challenging to remove. In other situations, Los Angeles carpet cleaning is also a must when moving into a new house or after experiencing water damage or floods. 

The benefits of a clean carpet extend beyond just aesthetics and they register in your physical well-being. For example, mats should not be used if there is a high risk of chemicals or bacteria from pet or kid excrement being trapped in the fibers over time. Because of this, our Los Angeles carpet cleaning service uses only non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals that won’t leave any sticky residue or offensive odors behind. The citrus extracts that are used in our all-natural cleanser effectively remove stubborn stains and leave no harmful residues behind.

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning

Pet hair

Let’s be honest here, a lot of homeowners and renters have a lot of pets, but not many of them actually vacuum up their hair and focus on deep cleaning. To prevent hairs and dander from being trapped in the fibers of your carpeting, use a professional carpet cleaning service instead. Not only will they remove all the pet hair from your carpets, but they may also extend the life of your carpets, saving you money in the long run.

“How frequently should I get my carpets cleaned?” is a common inquiry at CBC Cleaning and Construction in Los Angeles, CA. Regular, thorough cleanings keep carpets clean and fresh. It takes 18 months for a teaspoon of dust to accumulate on your carpet; thus we suggest thorough cleaning every 18 months. Contact us at (661) 294-2221 for Los Angeles carpet cleaning services and advice on when to deep clean.


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