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mold water damage

Every issue in a home that has to do with mold is always linked to water in some way. As a fungus, mold needs water and other materials to feed on. Therefore, many types of mold spores grow in attics and basements, which lack exposure to sunlight and air circulation. While there are not many basements in Southern California, attics can definitely be a concern.

One of the most “un-used” spaces in a home is the attic. Because of this, water damage can go undetected for a very long time. Regularly checking for moisture can help prevent unnecessary damage and financial expense.

An external search of a home can reveal sources of water that are potential problems. Cracks in passageways, walls or around windows are good indicators that moisture could be present. Anytime you see dampened wood, insulation or drywall, the proper steps should be taken to test the area for mold growth.

Mold water damageThere are other water sources that are harder to detect like clogged gutters, sprinklers facing the home, or even wet mulch that rests against your home’s foundation. Each of these water sources can begin the mold cycle and allow spores to take hold.

Cardboard is susceptible to mold growth, as well. When inspecting your attic, make sure storage boxes are elevated off the floor and not damp or wet in any way. Plastic containers are always the best solution for storage, especially in an attic or basement situation.

One helpful solution in determining mold growth is the use of a dehumidifier. When placed in the attic it should read below 50%. If the reading is higher, it’s time to call a certified, professional team like CBC Cleaning and Restoration. We will identify the source of the water in your attic and take the proper actions needed to ensure the water will not penetrate the rest of your home.

If mold remediation is called for, the CBC experts will contain it and stop the spread of the fungus throughout the house. We will remove contaminated materials and clean all surfaces thoroughly.

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