Professional mold testing

wall mold

What does it mean to have professional mold testing done in your home? The first thing you need to know is there are mold spores floating in the air at all times. This is normal- but can become a problem when large amounts of mold colonize in an indoor environment. If you were to utilize a “home mold test kit” (which can be purchased but comes with mixed reviews) you might be alarmed at first, though realistically, the home analysis doesn’t necessarily yield accurate information. Only when a certified indoor hygienist collects air samples and a professional lab interprets the data can the results be accurate and useful in determining what action needs to occur. These tests can be costly so oftentimes if there is obvious physical evidence of mold, you can reduce costs by conducting only “post air testing” after remediation work is completed. An experienced and certified remediation company like CBC Cleaning and Restoration can provide an evaluation and estimate for the mold removal. This way the homeowner can confirm the work done by their qualified mold remediation companyMold in a wall has been performed to the hygienist’s satisfaction and post-air test results. Ultimately, a “pre and post” air test should be performed but at the very least if you are trying to reduce costs- at the very least a post test should always be performed to confirm results.

If you suspect mold growth in your home, or if you are experiencing some of the allergic reactions to mold like sneezing, itchy eyes or respiratory ailments, then it’s best to call a professional company to test your environment. Once it is determined you actually do have unhealthy colonies of mold growth, a certified company like CBC Cleaning and Restoration will come in and remediate the area where the mold has developed.

Because we spend a great deal of our lives indoors, the air quality inside our homes is very important and can seriously affect our health and lives, and the health and lives of our family members. Young children and the elderly are very susceptible to the affects of unhealthy mold and accompanying ailments.

As a homeowner, you can be proactive by watching and inspecting the areas of your home that have contact with water and dampness. Bathrooms, kitchen and the laundry room are constantly exposed to moisture and extremely conducive to mold growth. Sometimes molds are not visible to the eye, but once determined, a professional company, like CBC Cleaning and Restoration can help clean up your unhealthy environment and bring your home back to its optimum condition.

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