Choosing a carpet cleaning company

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Many times homeowners put off cleaning their carpets until relatives are coming for a visit or it’s the holidays. When this happens it’s easy to just grab the phone directory and pick the company that looks the most appealing without really knowing their work. This can become a big mistake. Anyone can buy ad space, but establishing a name for quality in a community takes time, experience, and determination. CBC Cleaning and Restoration has been servicing the Santa Clarity Valley and surrounding areas for over 35 years with an excellent reputation. Remember that big franchises often have huge budgets, employee turnover, and very little local loyalty.

Kitty loves clean carpetsWhen choosing a company to clean your carpets here are a few tips to make the process easier and much more effective:

1) Research the carpet cleaner in your area through Google: “carpet cleaning santa clarita valley” to get a list of those companies that service your area.

2) Go to their websites to see what they offer, read their blogs and peruse their reviews on Yelp. Always be aware there are spammers who try to discredit their competition with bogus bad reviews.

3) Call a few of the companies listed and compare pricing and services. Get a quote. Legitimate cleaning companies should charge by the square footage- not by the room!

4) Ask what type of cleaning method they use. The best and most thorough method available and recommended by major carpet fiber manufacturers is truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning.

5) Make sure the company is licensed and states they have IICRC certified technicians. How long have their technicians been with the company?

6) Before deciding on a company, ask for current insurance information. All quality companies carry liability, auto, and workers compensation insurances.

7) Always ask if the company guarantees their work. If they are legitimate they will completely stand behind their work, their crews, and their name – no questions asked.

When a company has been established for many years and the staff and technicians live and work in the community, like CBC Cleaning and Restoration, they are always mindful of their reputation and the quality of work they provide. You can’t go wrong with CBC, as they are independently owned, affordable, responsible and capable. Check us out by reading the information throughout this website.

In addition, we care about you and the stresses a water or fire disasters might bring. Please get our 24 hour Emergency Services App for your phone so you’re just a click away from help. To get the App go to: and simply bookmark the page.

And, give us a call to get those carpets cleaned for summer: 661-294-2221.

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