Sherman Oaks water damage

A new homeowner, having just closed escrow, received the keys to his new property in Sherman Oaks, California. It had been five days since anyone had been to the home. Upon entering, he and the contractor were shocked to find a major water leak coming from upstairs, flooding the first floor.

An inspection revealed a hot water supply line that had burst in the powder room vanity. Because the leak had been undetected so long, there was mold growing four feet up the walls. They immediately called CBC Cleaning and Restoration.

Sherman Oaks water damageOur certified technicians arrived at the property and discovered through their assessment, the disaster was far-reaching, from the living and family rooms to the hallway, kitchen, bedrooms and bath. Fully trained and experienced in this type of water damage, the bio-remediation team created special containment areas and safely removed the effected drywall, insulation and cabinetry. The project took 12 days to complete the mold remediation work with post air testing performed by a third party Indoor Hygienist. CBC worked closely with USAA adjusters to complete the job by industry standards.

When water damage strikes, one of the most important steps is to find the source to the water immediately and dry-out the areas within 24-48 hours to avoid costly damage due to mold and structural issues. There is always the danger of mold occurring after a water emergency that has not been properly mitigated.

Action is required if mold has already developed, including a mold cleanup process that can include air quality testing. While bio-contaminants can usually be found in areas of any home where water is prevalent (such as bathrooms and kitchens), when large areas are involved the mold can become a problem. It is important to hire trained and certified mold remediators, like CBC technicians, for the cleaning and restoration process after a water disaster.

The CBC Cleaning and Restoration staff is trained in all areas of water remediation, disaster restoration and certified mold removal. When water damage strikes, we will help get your life back to normal by taking the appropriate actions to ensure the safety of your family, home and/or business. We perform 24 hour emergency water damage service, as well as onsite mold evaluations to create a detailed plan of action for your peace-of-mind.

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