Westridge fire and water damage

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A homeowner in Westridge, California, experienced fire damage when a small fire burning too close to the outside of the home entered the window. This caused major destruction to the immediate room and smoke and soot damage throughout the house.

When a fire happens in a home, the damage can be extensive. Furniture, walls and light fixtures can also be affected. The proper fire and smoke damage remediation is absolutely necessary to get things back to normal. Remediation will include containment of the burned area, removal of damaged materials including structural members, and a complete cleaning throughout the home to dispel soot and odor.

Westridge fire damageThis homeowner called CBC Cleaning and Restoration right away, employing the professional expertise of certified technicians. Special filtration technology was used to “wash” the “air” to rid it of odor and any contaminates, and to restore the air quality inside the home.

Fortunately for the homeowner in this case, the home was not a complete loss. But, the overall fire damage and restoration was far-reaching and extensive. Outdoor fires can be enjoyable, but a fire burning too close to a structure can be devastating.

CBC Cleaning and Restoration has been providing cleaning and restoration services to Los Angeles County and Ventura Counties for 35 years. We provide services that help our neighbors and communities handle disasters such as water damage, fire and smoke damage clean-up, emergency water extraction, floor and structural restoration, carpet replacement, mold remediation and biohazard clean up.

For quick response, click the 24-Hour service button located at the top of our website page. Also, for your convenience, get our bookmark App by going to www.CBCFirst.com/24Hour from your cell phone or other electronic device. Bookmark the page and you will get our CBC App on your phone which will connect you directly to the services you need, when you need them. You never know when an indoor fire disaster could happen requiring both emergency clean up and restoration services, but you can rest assured CBC will be there to help you recover and return to a normal life for you and your family.

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