Carpet cleaning after a disaster

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If you own a home it’s always a good idea to keep the phone number or website of a certified cleaning and restoration company available for unexpected disasters. That is why the CBC Cleaning and Restoration APP is a great idea! Go to from your phone or electronic device and follow the prompt to get the convenient bookmark APP. You will literally have 24-Hour Emergency Service and access to quotes at your fingertips!

If your home has experienced fire or flooding you definitely need professional cleaning. After a fire, your rooms will most likely suffer smoke damage in areas not directly affected by the flame. This smoky odor can infiltrate throughout the soft surfaces causing the entire home to smell like the fire for weeks and months. The pungent odor is not the only thing affected, it can also damage air quality. The services and products of a professional cleaning company, like CBC, can take care of the problem.

After water damage, many items in your home may not be salvageable, this includes the carpeting. However, a professional can determine the extent of damage and, if possible, clean the carpets using special treatments for a successful restoration. CBC has been handling water damages for 35 years and our certified technicians can restore your home to its original state.

Of course, you don’t have to suffer a disaster to reap the benefits of cleaning your carpets or other flooring. Even If you vacuum every day you will not be able to prevent dirt from building up on your floors and in the fibers of your carpeting. Whenever someone walks across the surface particles are embedded into the rugs and can even scratch the flooring material. Regular professional cleaning helps eliminate the build-up of debris and reduces wear and tear.

In addition, elderly family members and children with chronic respiratory illnesses are drastically affected by allergens in the air. For those who suffer from allergies, a professional cleaning can help symptoms and keep the in-house environment healthier for everyone who lives there.

There are many benefits to having a truly clean home and CBC Cleaning and Restoration can make your world a better place.

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