Flooring Restoration Services

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Flooring Restoration

Whether your flooring has suffered from water damage, mold, storm damage, or even just “wear and tear,” restoration is possible. Of course, in the case of water damage, the restoration process will begin once the cleanup and dry-down process is completed. In the case of normal wear and tear issues, the process for restoration will be determined once the flooring is assessed and a plan of action for repair is recommended.

Wood Floors Restoration

Wood floors are beautiful and they definitely add charm to any room, but they require maintenance to keep them in good condition. One of the best ways to do this is to sand it down to remove any nicks and scrapes, and then apply a fresh coat of polyurethane. Yet, sometimes you may not need the entire floor refinished, but instead want to remove a scratch, scuff marks, or “wear and tear” from high traffic areas. There are special sanding techniques that can be used when you want to correct one of these types of problems. In the case of repairing “wear and tear” from high traffic areas, however, sanding the entire floor is usually recommended for an even finish.

Solid Hardwood Floor Fitting Restoration
Sometimes restoration or repair requires a “lacing in” of new flooring to replace floor boards that have been damaged. Often these boards may have to be color matched so that they “blend and match” with the remaining floor. Be sure to select an expert flooring professional if you are replacing boards. The quality of sanding can have a great effect on how well the new boards blend in with the old ones. And, sometimes it may require several months for the new boards to “amber” and match the existing. So, choose a professional that knows what they’re doing, and no one will ever know that you had floor boards replaced. It’ll be your little secret.

Engineered Wood Flooring Repairs
More than 80% of wood flooring is engineered (plywood with a hardwood face layer). Restoration of engineered flooring can be done one of two ways. New planks can be laced into the existing if there are extra planks on hand or available to order. In some cases, the face layer can be sanded and refinished with color adjustments. In all cases, the age, sun exposure, and wear of the floor has a significant effect on the success of the visual appearance upon completion.

Vinyl and Linoleum Restoration

Vinyl and linoleum can be cleaned to restore them to their previous glory. The old finish- -usually in the case of vinyl, an over-application of wax- is removed, and once thoroughly cleaned a new finish is applied.

Tile, Marble, and Grout Repair
Tile, marble and grout can begin to show signs of “wear and tear ” over time. Cracks and chips in the tile or grout, scratches on surfaces, and dirty grout lines can all be repaired and cleaned with the proper restoration techniques and cleaning methods. The first step of tile and grout repair, is a good cleaning. After that, any cracked grout or chipped tiles can be replaced, natural stone voids can be filled, and surfaces can be polished and/or honed.

If you need flooring repairs, CBC Cleaning and Restoration has you covered! Download the 24-hour emergency app or call 661-294-2221 for direct contact or emergency service! Our certified and trained Technicians will provide professional advice and solutions for your flooring restoration needs!

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