Water Damage in Santa Clarita

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Water Damage in Santa Clarita,Ca.
It is your first week in your newly acquired condo near the heart of the Santa Clarita community and you feel absolutely infallible. Wonder Woman has nothing on you. You bought this condo for a great price from a couple heading up North. All of your beloved furnishings have been moved into the condo and they fit perfectly. Your new home already has your own ambiance.

Then when unpacking dishes and putting them into the kitchen cabinets, it happened; you noticed the wood inside the cabinet is wet and looks warped. You then investigate around the condo trying to find the source of the water seeping into the kitchen cabinet. A call to a local plumber puts a bright light onto the problem. A slow but evidently long term pipe leak inside the wall behind the kitchen cabinets is the culprit. Moreover, the plumber stated the pipe fix and wall repairs from the water damage can be expensive so he recommended you call CBC Cleaning and Restoration.

The CBC crew arrived and assessed the water damage situation. You were a bit dubious when they assured you they could dry-down your condo within 72 hours, but an infra-red thermography camera provided an actual picture of the inside of the damaged wall, flooring, ceiling and adjoining rooms and the crew’s knowledge put you at ease. Mold was detected around the floor vent near the water damaged wall, so that was removed under containment and repaired. The CBC restoration crew was able to restore your new condo after affirming all the structure and contents had dried. Once the pipe repair and water damage restoration was finished, you wisely took the suggestion of CBC techs and regularly check for musty odors, inside cabinets under sinks, along walls, and flooring for signs of moisture, warping, mold spots and/or speckles, and baseboards coming away from the wall. This simple task performed regularly could save you thousands of dollars in the future!

A determination will need to be made whether this was an undisclosed, on-going problem of the original owners and if your insurance carrier needs to be contacted. Remember, insurance companies cover “sudden, instantaneous water leaks” and usually do not pay for what appears to be a “maintenance issue”. It is always recommended you contact your insurance agent to clarify coverage. And, CBC is happy to help you with this process. Helpless woman? Not with CBC on call. Feel free to contact CBC Cleaning and Restoration at 661-294-2221 or CBCfirst.com for a free estimate and expert advice!

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