Water Damage Repair Services

Water Damage Repair
Water makes up most of the planet, and is everywhere. Even if you live far away from the nearest body of water, water damage can happen to you. Rainfall can reveal leaks in your roof that you had no idea existed. A fish tank that is overfilled can cause too much pressure on the glass, and cause it to break. A sudden pipe break in your home can cause hundreds of gallons of water to flood within. In the most extreme cases, a flash flood can cause you and your home a number of problems. Water can damage your home in ways you may not know about. That is why professional water damage assessment and repair services are so valuable. When water wreaks havoc on your property, a professional can help you in your time of need.

Water can cause destruction in ways you cannot imagine. Rain that enters a home through roof leaks can cause its fair share of destruction. Leaks under sinks and inside walls can cause expensive damage to cabinets, drywall and structure- not to mention the development of mold that occurs when a water loss goes undetected over a period of time. Water damage that is promptly detected and mitigated will cost by far less than an undetected, on-going leak that most likely has developed mold and structural damage.

Things may not get that bad, but mold can still wreak havoc in your home and life. Mold can grow if you have a leak in your roof, and your attic has been exposed to rain water. It can also be caused by not having proper ventilation when you take showers. Most common are leaky water heaters or slow pipe leaks within a wall that go undetected for days, weeks or even months. An IICRC certified water damage professional will know what to look for, and may find affected areas you may have missed. They have all the equipment and tools needed to restore your house to its former state. If you have water damage, you are better off leaving it to a professional. They can also give you tips for performing periodic checks and finding telltale signs of water damage in your home sooner than later!

Water is an unlikely source of destruction. You may think it harmless until you have seen the devastation it can cause. If you and your house have been a victim of water damage, help is just a phone call away. If you are in over your head with water damage, call CBC Cleaning and Restoration, your local disaster restoration company today. You’ll be glad you did. Call CBC at 661-294-221 or email us at CBCfirst.com.

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